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The migration of Odias to Australia started around 30-35 years ago. Only in the last 8-10 years however, we have seen a significant growth in our numbers. As we were experiencing this growth in migration from Odisha to Australia, the idea of creating our own community identity in this country started floating around back in 1998-99. Initiatives were taken by several members in different states, predominantly in NSW & VIC to formalise a community association of Odias. This was a particularly difficult task in the initial period as we were a small community, our members were scattered all over a vast country and we did not have a common place to get together and discuss matters of mutual interest.

We realised around 2002 that this dream can only be fulfilled if we join in at a federal level to create the required critical mass and work together towards achieving this common goal. Suggestions were made to start with a National Odia Sammilani and continue it on an annual basis to provide a platform for common discussions. Incorporating all these suggestions, our first ORIOZ Sammilani was eventually hosted in 2003 at Wodonga, VIC. Close to 40 members from different places in Australia attended this historical event. After this success, the community got together with even more enthusiasm in the second ORIOZ Sammilani in 2004 at Megalong Valley, NSW. The second Sammilani turned out to be another success with 70 members attending from New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queenslan

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